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    • first composite tank

      - Mon 10/03/22 15:49:00
    • Development of the first composite tank for transporting hazardous products


      The Vervaeke Group has been specialized in the bulk transport of chlorinated chemicals for many years. Vervaeke therefore has a significant fleet of rubber-lined road tankers.

      However, due to the high corrosivity of chlorine-containing products, the rubber lining is corroded, so any change of product can endanger the quality of the next product. In addition, the repair or replacement of this type of lining is very labour-intensive, resulting in rapidly rising costs.

      Vervaeke therefore started looking for an innovative solution to carry out the transport of chlorinated products in the safest and most cost-efficient conditions. After much R&D and in collaboration with an external partner, Vervaeke commissioned the construction of a new tank capable of transporting the most aggressive chlorine-containing products.

      Constructed around a seamless plastic liner, the tank has very high chemical resistance. Since it is made of composite, the tank is also lighter than a rubber-lined tank and can therefore carry more payload. This new technology also makes it possible to switch from one product to another safely and quickly, without compromising quality.

      Vervaeke has signed an exclusivity contract with the manufacturer of these composite tanks and already has a number of them in use. Vervaeke is also the privileged partner for the maintenance and repair of this type of equipment.



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