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    • Corporate Branding Van der Lee - Vervaeke Group (EN)

      - Thu 03/22/18 16:22:55
    • Corporate Branding Van der Lee - Vervaeke Group.
      Dear partner,
      Last year has been a crucial phase in the development of our company because of the acquisition of Van der Lee by the Vervaeke Group. This resulted in the widening of our network, in additional services as well as in access to the knowledge and technical applications already well present with the Vervaeke Group.
      One year later we are actively engaged to make the integration of both companies a success. We are already seeing great benefits of working together as one organization. But of more importance to us is the fact that our customers experience this bundling of forces as a positive evolution.
      In order to express this dynamism to the fullest, we have decided to change our “corporate branding”. After some thorough and strategic analyses on the identity of our Group, we have concluded that a brand new logo, common for the Group, would be a positive signal. This would not only make Vervaeke Group more recognizable, but also be an indication of our collective effort in facing future challenges. The result of which you are now holding in your hands. We hope that you are as enthusiastic as is our team.
      Alongside this new logo we have come up with a slogan signifying the trademarks of our organization, in combination with the opportunities and challenges on the way to the future.
      “Leading the way” refers not only to our groundbreaking work of the past decades, marked by innovative solutions, but also our aim to be recognized as the reference within our sector in the field of safety, environment and training.
      Another aspect of the “corporate branding” are the colors of our vehicles. Both trucks and trailers will be rendered in a new livery, where blue – the colors of the Vervaeke Group - will be the predominant color – please refer to the annex.
      As you will notice, we want to make it clear that - from any perspective - a new wind is blowing through our organization. A new logo, new colors and a new slogan. We are gearing up for new challenges and with the support of our customers we feel strengthened to face the future with confidence.
      With our best regards,
      Frédéric Derumeaux
      Pim Rog
      CEO Vervaeke Group Managing Director
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